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A.N. Zavaritskii Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of the Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,
  Ekaterinburg, Russia

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The rules of submission, review and publishing of scientific papers sent to the editorial board of the "LITOSFERA"

Organization of reviews

  1. All research papers, received by the Editorial Board, are subject to mandatory review.
  2. Editor in Chief (Deputy Editor) and Executive Secretary determine if the article corresponds to the journal's profile and meets formatting requirements. They appoint an editorial board member responsible for managing the article, who forwards it to a reviewer a doctor or a candidate of sciences with the closest scientific specialization to the topic.
  3. Reviewers are notified that manuscripts, sent to them, are private property of the authors and contain information that is not subject to disclosure.
  4. The time for a review is 1 month.
  5. A review should specify:
    • correspondence of the article contents to its title,
    • the extent to which the article corresponds to current advances in this area of science,
    • the novelty of the material presented,
    • advisability of publishing the article;
    • advantages and disadvantages of the article, including the analysis of the text style and grammar, illustrations, list of references, accuracy of citation and references to the published literature;
    • the review is forwarded to the author.
  6. Reviewers stay anonymous. Violation of anonymity is possible only if the reviewer alleges plagiarism or falsification of the materials contained in the article.
  7. If the review contains recommendations for improving and finalizing the article, an editorial staff forwards the review to the author along with the article and suggestion to accept the recommendations while preparing a new version of the article or give arguments to reject them. The corrected and modified paper is submitted again for review.
  8. In case when a reviewer does not recommend the article for publication, the Editorial Board may return the article for modification, taking into account the comments made, as well as forward it to another reviewer. A negative review is also forwarded to the author.
  9. The final decision on an article publication is made by the Editorial Board and recorded in the minutes of the Editorial Board meeting.
  10. When the Editorial Board accepts an article for publication, the managing editor informs the author and sets the date of publication.
  11. Original reviews are stored in the editorial office for five years.
  12. On admission to the editorial staff of the corresponding request, copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science.

The rules of submission, review and publishing (in PDF)